Halloween Scary Eyes, Gluten Free Applesauce Muffins, Fluffy Marshmallows and a Linky party!

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a fun and safe night tonight. Tomorrow put your feet up, enjoy all of the great recipes and tips, link up your own, and when you get hungry, make yourself a #gluten free muffin! 

My favorites from Savoring Saturdays #37 were: 

Savoring Saturdays Linky Party

Gluten Free Snack Ideas #Giveaway

New gluten free Lola Granola Bars giveaway

When I'm on the run I try to always have something gluten free in my purse to snack on. I carry granola bars probably more than anything else because they are so portable and filling. Today Lola Granola is giving one lucky person a sampler of their bars!

Other easy gluten free snack ideas are homemade banana chips:

Raw Almond Cashew Milk, Cranberry Date Tartlets, Homemade Ricotta, Pumpkin Yogurt and many more!

Gluten Free and healthy recipes featuring almond milk and date tarts

My favorites from Savoring Saturdays #36 were: (psst..go check out all of the great entries!)

Paleo Sugar Free Pumpkin Quick Bread, grain free, gluten free, nut free

There are tons of  great pumpkin recipes online lately. Can I tempt you to look at one more? Since most of the recipes I drool over use sugar, nuts or grains it got me thinking.... Can I make a really good gluten free pumpkin quick bread if I cut all of those things out?  drum roll please....

Savoring Saturdays #36

The holidays are approaching fast and Fall is in the air! Last week we had some great holiday recipes made with pumpkin. I love this time of year, don't you? Come check out some great recipes on the party!

Skinny Soft Pretzels, gluten free, grain free, xanthan free

What do you crave? If you're like me, it's everything you haven't eaten for years. Do you walk past the pretzel stand and think, I want that? I do too. So, here you go darlings, a soft, gluten free and grain free pretzel that will make your heart glad...
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