Birds and Beans

Hot hot hot today in beautiful Florida, so I made beans in my trusty crockpot.  Then I made low fat, sugar free Carrot applesauce bars with a  fat free cream cheese frosting but I need to work on the recipe so stay tuned...and then I was on a roll!! so I made a frittata for brunch and a roasted chicken for much for not turning on the oven but it was OK....  I live to sweat...
It seems I do most of my cooking on the weekends now, it's so fun to play and cook and chat with hubby.  Only went outside for a was so muggy!!  but I had to get a shot of these cute visitors
 I put 2 big smoked ham hocks in my large crockpot with 2 lbs dried pinto and white beans- no need to soak or precook!
 Add 5 cups GF chicken stock, 1 crushed clove of garlic, 1 large diced onion, lots of chopped celery and carrots. 
 Season with salt and Pepper, set on high and don't take the lid off for 5 hours..really don't peek!  After 5   hours check to see if it's too thick and you need more water
Add a 1-2 cups more water- just enough to make the beans float and everything move around and cook until very tender.  Season to taste and Voila!!!  You did it!!

Skinny GF Crockpot Beans and Hamhocks 

 5 cups of Gluten Free Chicken Stock- I boil a whole chicken, reserve the broth, cool and remove fat

2 pounds dried beans- I used 1/2 pinto and 1/2 small white beans but you can use any combination   

     1 crushed clove of garlic,                                                                                                                      

1 diced onion,                                                                                                                                

6 peeled and chopped carrots,                                                                                                       

4 stalks of celery chopped                                                                                                             
Salt and Pepper to taste
                                  Cook on high in large Crockpot for 6 hours or until very tender.   Enjoy!!                                             



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