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Aldi Gluten Free Shopping

7/5/12! Great prices this week on vegies!    Talked hubby into shopping for me while our awesome electrician fixed GFI's that kept blowing out.  Hard to cook when the outlet's don't work, but now thanks to Kevin we are back in business.   
 The little grape tomatoes are so sweet!
 Banana's buy one bunch and get another free at our store.  Yay!
I don't usually let him buy hot dogs but these are gluten free...
 and he picked up my string cheese when it wasn't even on the list...what a guy
 Hope you can read these. 

 My best buys

Mushrooms                   .69pkg
Multi colored peppers 1.49 pkg
Zucchini                        .99 pkg
Grape tomatoes            .99 pkg 
Wisconsin Cheddar     1.79  not on sale but worth mentioning- great quality and great price!

you will see Crunchy Granola and hot dog buns on my receipt for my guy.  They are not Gluten Free

 Hope you enjoy this trip and have a great weekend!

 Here's your Aldi Weekly Ad

  • You will need a quarter for your cart
  • They don't take coupons, credit cards or checks
  • They take cash or debit card only
  • Bring your own bags or buy one of their large cloth bags 
  • You fill your own bags and load in your car
  • Check the products- they label gluten free!
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  1. Hi, I am moving to central Florida soon and am interested in going to Aldi's for gluten free shopping. When I click on
    "Check the products- they label gluten free!" it is not linked to anything. Is there a place on their site that shows this? I haven't been able to find it. If so, could you link to it? Thanks, Phyllis

  2. Hi Phyllis, thanks for asking! No, that's not a link sorry if it appeared to be one. They don't have a list but they do label each item very clearly. Again I have to stress that many items are labeled "Naturally Gluten Free" so you must read the ingredient list carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you are unsure of the chance of cross contamination. If you look at my other Aldi posts I have included the email address for Aldi's Customer service so that you can contact them as well. Happy safe moving and Welcome to Florida!


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