Gluten Free Aldi Buys 7/29 and new Gluten Free crackers!

I was late shopping this week, I've been laid up with a sore back, and not really cooking much with this 100 degree heat! So today I roped Hubby into running me over to Aldi.  So glad I did!  They had Gluten Free Crackers for $1.99!! also found Gluten Free cheese puffs for $.99.  and Jalapeno Hot dogs!  Bags of salad for .50 ea - grape tomatoes and 2 pound bag of red onions for .99 ea, white mushrooms for .79 and cucumbers for .25 cents ea.  And he toted all the groceries out of the store and into the house...hooray!  Hope you catch some of these sales!  xx

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  1. Aldi is great. We don't have this store in Canada, but I remember shopping there while living in Belgium.


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