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Dairy Free Homemade Plum Ice Cream, gluten free, low glycemic

 I got a huge bunch of ripe organic plums from Space Girl Organics this last week.  So I made plum sauce!

 I love plum sauce with deserts and meats.  This time I used it in my dairy free ice cream.
I made my first volunteer dinner delivery to the children's home on Monday.  It was so fun cooking for them! Space Girl Organics generously provided me with lots of fruits and vegetables to use in my cooking.
I joked with SGO friends that I felt like I was on an episode of Chopped!  I had all this great organic food but now what can I make out of it?  In the end, I made some fun new recipes and I'll be posting what I made for the family soon. So stay tuned!

Gluten Free Easy Pots de Creme, so yummy

It's incredible how easy and delicious this recipe is. It tastes like the "to die for" mousse pudding you would order in a restaurant.  And my recipe is much lower in fat and calories!  I was making pies and ended up with lots of leftover filling, so I threw the rest of the filling into ramekins and baked it. Crossing my fingers and toes as I usually do when I wing a recipe  :)
There are many versions of Pots de Creme on the web as I came to find out.  Some people blend everything in the blender and then pour into pots to bake. Some heat the chocolate over a double boiler.
I really liked heating the milk just to a boil for a minute and then pouring it over the chopped chocolate, it's simple and fast. Simple and fast makes me very happy.
You can try coconut or almond milk for a dairy free alternative.  And I'm sure you could use sugar free chocolate but I was happy using a very dark chocolate with mine.  Dark chocolate has very little sugar and no aftertaste.  Hope you enjoy!

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