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Sugar Free & Gluten Free Hot Fudge Frozen Yogurt Sundae, low carb

Do you love Hot Fudge Sundaes? So does my family but we didn't want the sugar!  Now we're loving these healthy sugar-free and gluten-free sundaes and we can have them whenever we want! 

For many years I tried to make us "healthy" sundaes with sugar-free ice cream and the sugar-free Hershey's syrup. I cringe when I think about the junk and chemicals that I fed my family, thinking that they were a healthier alternative to the higher calorie foods.

Homemade Sugar Free & Gluten Free Hot Fudge Yogurt Sundae

As I started reading labels and studying recipes, I learned more about what sugar, artificial sweeteners and GMO's do to our bodies. I now know how unhealthy our late night snack truly was. I also drank diet pop for many years and have given that up too. That was a tough one!

Dairy Free Homemade Plum Ice Cream, gluten free, low glycemic

 I got a huge bunch of ripe organic plums from Space Girl Organics this last week.  So I made plum sauce!

 I love plum sauce with deserts and meats.  This time I used it in my dairy free ice cream.
I made my first volunteer dinner delivery to the children's home on Monday.  It was so fun cooking for them! Space Girl Organics generously provided me with lots of fruits and vegetables to use in my cooking.
I joked with SGO friends that I felt like I was on an episode of Chopped!  I had all this great organic food but now what can I make out of it?  In the end, I made some fun new recipes and I'll be posting what I made for the family soon. So stay tuned!

Skinny Gluten Free Papaya Sorbet, sugar free

There's a little magic that happens when you take ripe fruit and blend it into soft creamy Sorbet.  It's gloriously fresh and just tastes just like the fruit from the tree! So much better than what you can buy in the stores.  I read that adding a little vodka or liqueur will help keep your Sorbet soft in the freezer, I was out of Vodka so I can't tell you if that works or not, but even if it doesn't work, you will love this Papaya Sorbet. We did!

Skinny Gluten Free Gelato- low glycemic

Smooth, creamy, and intensely flavored, it tastes like egg-rich Italian gelato--,but it's a Skinny low-fat version!!  There are so many flavor combinations I couldn't begin to list them all.  I think Starbucks Espresso is my favorite.  
Like traditional gelato, this starts with a cooked base. I substituted cornstarch for the egg yolks and low-fat milk for richer milk. As the milk and cornstarch cook, they form a thickened sauce much like a pudding. Stir in fruit puree or other ingredients to provide super flavor and color.
As the gelato freezes, the cooked base works like sugar to keep the texture creamy, so you can use less sweetening.
Also, like the Italian gelato, this has a dense texture and expands very little as it freezes. The recipe makes about 1 quart, fitting in many of the frozen cylinders or other small ice cream freezers. For larger freezer containers, you can double the recipe. 
Hope you enjoy!!

Gluten Free Ice Cream from a banana!!

Super-creamy, super-easy ice cream from just one thing, banana! The smidgen of fat in bananas makes a magic trick when they are frozen and blended up. They turn creamy instead of crumbly, with a smooth texture that will knock your socks off!!  Hubby was bowled over when I made this.  I've seen the recipe many times online..not sure who posted this first or who figured it out but try it guys,  it's a big Moneysaver over gluten free ice creams.  I'm looking forward to making it with lots of different ingredients and flavors in the future but even plain it's truly wonderful!
Here's a step-by-step of how to do it.
• Peel your ripe bananas first- We only had 2 bananas and it turned into a lot of ice cream!!
• Cut bananas into small pieces.
• Freeze for 1-2 hours on a plate or I throw them in a baggy and freeze overnight.
• Put the frozen banana in your large food processor or heavy duty blender and blend, blend, blend - scraping down the bowl when they stick.  I added a little almond milk to make it move.  Don't use much or your ice cream will be too soft.  
• Enjoy the magic moment when it all turns into ice cream! Eat it soft or freeze to firm up.  Hugs!! xx

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