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Gluten Free Beef Hash with Eggs, gluten free

Beef Hash is one of my old go to recipes that we adore.  It's always a hit and all you need is leftovers!

Every so often I find a nice big roast beef on sale.  I rub the roast with lots of spices and then roast it with plenty of russet potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic cloves and a little olive oil.  The next day we make hash and then use the remainder of the roast in sandwiches.  Yum!  The secret to a good hash is getting the potatoes crisp and browned, without burning them, which is why the recipe keeps the heat at medium-high most of the time. If it looks like things are moving from browned to burnt, just reduce the heat. Hope you enjoy my Gluten Free Beef Hash with Eggs!!

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