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Gluten-Free Healthy Ginger Chai Low Fat Muffins, sugar free

Sometimes I just want a muffin that tastes like a muffin. You know what I mean? I love eating super healthy but once in awhile I want a fluffy tender fragrant muffin. I don't eat sugar though, so when I saw Jules' beautiful original recipe I thought, I can work with this! I made a few changes and they turned out awesome. Fragrant with Chai spices and made from the non-GMO ingredients, you will feel good making these healthy muffins for your family!

Make these healthy gluten-free and sugar free muffins that are low fat and delicious

Sunday Gluten Free Roundup To do List

I'm all about lists! After a long week of blogging I have a lot of things on my To do list.

 Many of them are recipes to try, books to read, blogs to visit, restaurants, coupons to clip, deals on Amazon and tips that I need to organize.  Whew....

So here's my To do list for your benefit and mine!  :)

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