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Low Carb Almond Sesame Pancakes, GF, SF, lactose free, frugal

I'm off of all grains and sugar right now so that I can heal my gut, but I was craving a pancake something terrible!  
These have a different texture from my flour gluten free pancakes, they're more eggy and lighter, but I really like them.  Nothing that I can't live with when they taste this great and satisfied my craving perfectly. Sorry about the messy pic, I was starving!

Low Carb Luscious Lemon Cheesecake, GF, SCD option

I'm crazy about cheesecake and this one is truly luscious!  It's easy to make, Low Carb, dense and creamy.  I made a cheesecake awhile ago that is a lot like this, but this one tops the chart.  It tastes like a cross between a decadent mousse and a New York Cheesecake with a fraction of the calories.  It's so good I don't even miss the crust!

Skinny Gluten Free Banana Bread, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, egg free

It's a cozy day and I am revisiting my Skinny Gluten Free Banana bread recipe. I made it healthier for my friends who don't want dairy or eggs and more economical for those of us on a budget. 
I removed the sugar, eggs, half of the fat and the dairy that was in my old recipe. 

It came out soft, moist and delicious!  I really save money when I buy bananas that are very ripe and on sale for a $1.00 a bag.  Then I slice them up and freeze the chunks in a large freezer zip lock bag.  I use them for smoothies, ice cream and this wonderful bread.  
Skinny Gluten Free Banana Bread, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, egg free
I love Vanilla Liquid Stevia in this recipe (yes, it is a little expensive, but it lasts forever)  You can make your own for less with this  great recipe from Whole New Mom.

Tony's Rockin' Low Carb German Chocolate Cake, gluten free

This is the best Low Carb cake I have ever made.  My hubby gave it a big thumbs up!!  I made it in the blender and it works great every time!  

Gluten Free French Honey Almond Cake, lower in carbs

Gluten Free French Honey Almond Cake, lower in carbsYesterday was my birthday and I was inspired by Laura Calder, host of French Food at Home when I watched her make a similar honey almond cake. It looked so simple and healthy that I had to try it!
What's really great is that you can make this cake with finely ground almonds or almond meal flour. Don't use blanched almond flour though, this is meant to be a rustic dense cake. I lightened it up a bit with whipped egg whites and it came out tender, moist and delicious.
Just my style and the perfect low carb birthday treat topped with fresh berries and a scoop of homemade frozen yogurt!

Gluten Free Low Carb Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

Moist delicious healthy muffins that would make the "King" proud!   (Elvis loved his peanut butter and bananas)  and he was right!  The combination is awesome.  Hope you enjoy them too. 

Gluten Free Low Carb Light and Fluffy Biscuits

Biscuits and sausage gravy with a egg on top for breakfast is my husband's absolute favorite.   I admit I enjoy it too, so I've been working hard on these light fluffy Low Carb Biscuits for my new diet!

Really Good Low Carb Gluten Free Bread, bread machine & xanthan free option

The lower the carbs the better in my book! That way I can eat more!
I adore gluten-free bread, but I also love my jeans, so I've been working hard to make a Low Carb bread that tastes great and it even has a soft holey crumb
My new Low Carb Gluten Free Bread tastes so good and you can make it without xanthan gum!  It works great in the oven or the Bread Machine. Can't have flax seeds?  Try my new Low Carb Chia Bread instead! 

Amazing Gluten Free and Sugar Free Low Carb Cheesecake

Guess what?  I made this new Gluten Free Low Carb Cheesecake with only a 1/4 of the calories of  my original New York Cheesecake!  It's amazing, but true!
I made the crust very skinny..haha...but if you want it to go up the sides of your pan you can double the crust recipe.  I was happy with the lower calories and a little crunch
I know you're saying why the protein powder?  because studies have shown if you drink a small whey protein drink before meals you lose weight.  Also if you add it into your bake goods you get similar benefits.  I'm not saying this is true, just what I've read and I'm going to give it a try.  I love my protein powder below, but any good low carb gluten free brand you like will work.  Hope you enjoy my new Gluten Free and Sugar Free Low Carb Cheesecake!!  hugs,  Ali

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Tipsy Paleo Chocolate Brownies, GF, grain free, sugar free option

You know those wonderful little rum cakes from the Caribbean Islands? They are soaked in Rum and would make me tipsy after eating just one! I used to make them for the holidays and I've been meaning to try making them gluten free, but I'm not eating grains right now, so I thought I would try making them grain free!

Then the other day I was inspired by Elana's Pantry Paleo Brownies and went to work.  I came up with this new Skinny version of her brownies and they're are so healthy that I thought, what the heck, let's soak these babies with some Rum sauce!  but when I went to cupboard the Rum was gone!  Sneaky husbands.....luckily I still had Grand Marnier from Christmas.

Miracle Paleo Banana Bread, only 3 min in the microwave

I saw this super simple method of making Paleo Flax bread on YouTube awhile back.  I adore Flax and couldn't wait to try it!  The first try was a little boring so I revised the original recipe and now I love the results.  Awesome for breakfast when you want something fast and high protein.  It's pretty miraculous how great it tastes! and perfect for a Paleo diet if you are eating bananas.   Flax is very low in Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Magnesium, Phosphorus and Copper, and a very good source of Thiamin and Manganese. You get calcium, iron, a whole days worth of Dietary Fiber, low carbs, no sugar (except the natural sugar in the bananas) and 13 grams of protein in only 3 minutes time!  
The bread comes out soft and moist with a light sponge texture.  Don't worry it won't spill out of the cup when you cook it.  It will raise up, look very scary and sink back down.  I used a big cup that is 4 1/2 inches wide and 3 inches high.

Low Carb Gluten Free Cranberry Almond Biscotti, grain free, sugar free

I am crazy about Biscotti.  This new gluten free low carb biscotti recipe thrilled me to my toes. 
I've been making biscotti for years and didn't want to mess with the recipe but I gave it a shot. Wow, it's great is it to have a cookie that is lower in carbs and has the same crunch and flavor as the ones I make with flour!!

Skinny Gluten Free Strawberry Cheesecake Streusel Bars, low glycemic!

I was going to make a cheesecake, but everyone online was making yummy looking cookie bars...  
so I made a Skinny combination of the two and best of all they're sugar free! They turned out awesome! I love the cheesecake filling and the lower calories.
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Skinny Gluten Free Low Carb Magic Bars

Gluten Free Magic Bars, my all time favorite cookie made Skinnier! I really enjoyed making these Low Carb, Grain free and Low Glycemic!   Now I can have two..OK, maybe three!   Hope you enjoy  xoxo

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Gluten Free Low Glycemic Almond Lace Cookie

I made up this recipe last night that I found handwritten in the back of  one of my oldest cookbooks.  You know the ones we have with the bindings falling off and spots on the pages?...I love my cookbooks! I think I got this recipe from my Scandinavian Mother in law a million years ago.  They roll nicely and are very flexible so I'm going to work on fillings for them too.  I think I'll try the recipe again soon and see if I can cut back the honey a bit so they aren't so sweet.  I'll let you know how the second try comes out, but in the meantime if you want to give it a go, these are fun and easy.  xx
10/9 follow up note-  I haven't worked on changing this recipe yet because I LOVE them now!  I found the second batch that I made that night is pretty darn perfect.  I let them get a little darker brown (I forgot them for a second) and I notice that as they cooled, the darker cookies "crisped up" much better than the first batch.  I put them in the fridge overnight and when I bit into the darker rolled shattered a bit...yum!! now I'm hooked....Best of all, I calculated the calories at only 100 per cookie!! 

Skinny Low Carb Cauliflower Crust Pizza, GF, DF

Skinny Low Carb Cauliflower Crust Pizza, GF, DF
This wonderful cauliflower pizza crust has almost no carbs!  but will it hold together and taste like a pizza?  Yes!  It's amazing how good it is and easy to make with one head of organic cauliflower and a little cheese.  I love using fresh organic vegetables for my pizza's from our local Space Girl Organics.
The secret to a perfect cauliflower crust is to squeeze the cauliflower in a tea towel after microwaving to get all of the water out. You'll be amazed how much water there is!  Put the cauliflower into a clean towel, fold and twist from the top and really squeeze the water out.  Careful, if you're impatient like me it's going to be scorching hot, so cool before squeezing or wear heat proof kitchen mitts.
Compared to my favorite yeast pizza crust recipe that makes two huge pizza's, this recipe makes about an 18 inch pan pizza.   I like leftovers so I think I'll double the recipe next time.  You need to press the "dough" into a circle and if you are using a pan with holes like I did it will go through the holes a bit.  I just scraped it off the underside of the pan and put it back on top and popped it in the oven.  I came out perfect and after baking it didn't stick to the pan at all.

Gluten Free High Protein Bread in the Bread Machine

Ok, finally posting recipe!  Where does the time go?  :)  I've been really loving this new bread for my sandwiches. It slices easily, holds together when you take a bite and tastes great!!  I wanted a bread that was super healthy, had nutritional carbs, high protein, low glycemic and didn't cost an arm & leg to make.

Gluten Free & Sugarfree Almond Flax Bread, gluten free, sugar free, yeast free, xanthan free

This awesome bread was so fast and easy! Compared to yeast bread, this recipe is a snap!  Plus it's Grain Free (except the tiniest bit in the BP) Super Low Carb,  Sugarfree, lactose-free and xanthan free! And it tastes incredible!

Gluten Free Low Carb Almond Meal Waffles

Wow,  I was praying these would work and they did!!!!   I've been off sugar this last month and working to cut my carbs way back too.  It's going pretty good, but I was craving a waffle and thrilled with the results of these beauties. These are so easy to make! I have no patience with long difficult recipes :)  I buy my raw almonds from Amazon.  No one has a better price and if you do the Subscribe and Save option it's even better- plus no shipping or tax!  Can't beat that.  Hugs,  Ali
 I was so excited

This is what your almond meal should look like.  Pulse until big chunks are gone and then grind until fluffy, but not too long or it will turn into almond butter
 I keep my almonds in the freezer for longer storage
 My mouth is watering at this point and I can hardly keep from eating the dough
 don't pour too much in the waffle machine or it leaks out the side

They're a little darker because of the skins on the almonds.  I don't blanche my almonds or peel them.  I think we need the fiber.  I did spray my waffle iron well the first time but after that I didn't respray and they still popped out easily.  They're not as crisp as a traditional waffle but no complaints here, they tasted great!
Hope you enjoy my Skinny Gluten Free Low Glycemic Almond Meal Waffles!  xx

Skinny Gluten Free & Sugar Free Happy Cookie

I've had quite a bump in the road to health this past week.  I have acid reflux now, on top of Celiac and Hashimoto's Thyroid disease, so I'm revamping my diet once again! Two years of learning to cook Gluten Free, and feeling pretty darn good with it all, and now I need to take out all of the foods that cause acid reflux.  That means cutting way down on sugar, coffee, tea, pop, citrus, fats, spicy food and many others...ugh! so here's some research just in case you are dealing with this too.  
Here's the list of Unsafe Foods for Acid Reflux
I adore my latte's in the morning, and no chocolate? but I know I need to protect my health and I'm so thankful for all the great info on the internet!!
See this list for info on Safe Foods for Acid Reflux
I went off coffee for 2 days, had a terrible headache, but I had a tiny cup this morning with no problem.  I guess I could give it up, but I hope I don't have to completely.
Now cookies are another thing all together...I made these cookies this morning and we'll see if they hurt me tonight.  I'm going very slow and keeping everything to tiny bits.  Even just a bite made me happy.  Thus the name.  Hugs to you all,  Ali

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