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Peach & Plum Millet Cake, GF, DF, low glycemic

Millet is one of the oldest known grains consumed by humans.  You can cook it up into a tasty side dish or grind it into flour for baking.  It's high in protein, vitamins and minerals and easily digested.  It adds a light, sweet flavor and slightly crumbly texture to baked goods. Millet contains high levels of two essential amino acids (proteins), methionine and cysteine. Our bodies need adequate supplies of all of the essential amino acids for growth and cellular repair. Most grains, including rice, corn, wheat and sorghum have low levels of these two important proteins. 
Recently on Facebook I was telling the girls that I'm experimenting with millet and other whole grains and asked for ideas.  I had used millet in my new Crescent Rolls and it gave them a rustic crunch that was really wonderful and I wanted to try it other recipes.  
Elise shared her mom Doris's favorite recipe for millet cake.  I love family recipes and couldn't wait to try it! 
The cake is tender, sweet and beautifully fragrant with the organic plums and peaches that I got from my friends at Space Girl Organics  and by leaving the skins on the fruit it gave it a lovely bit of tartness.   It's wonderful with more sliced fruit on top and some fresh whipped cream or frozen yogurt.   Thank you Doris for sharing your wonderful recipe with us.

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