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Feature on Top 30+ Gluten Free Hamburger & Hot Dog Roll Recipes from GFE!

Shirley over at GFE gathers recipes from some of the best cooks for her Gluten Free Round Ups. I've been privileged to be included in her Bountiful Bread Series twice!

This time she's featuring hamburger and hot dog buns. We all know how difficult it is to live gluten free without a decent bun!  My hamburger buns were one of my first recipes and we love them. So despite my sad post picture (one of my first)  I'm very proud to be included in this amazing group.

10 Gluten Free Desserts you have to try now! sugar free or with healthy sugars

Recently I met some new blogger friends on Facebook and I told them I needed sugar free or healthy sugar desert recipe inspiration. I've been in a bit of a slump and had run out ideas!
The recipes started piling up, and I began reading them.
I was thrilled to find beautiful and healthy gluten free deserts that I haven't seen before. I thought I knew every gluten free cook out there, but I was wrong. I love finding new blogs and meeting new friends don't you?  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Above- Sandi's gluten free pumpkin doughnuts are making me drool! She uses coconut sugar and honey for sweetener. 

4th of July Gluten Free Party on a Shoestring!

Gluten Free Pear Clafoutis
Gluten Free Paleo Pear Clafoutis

Happy 4th of July! Parties can be expensive but with the help of my friends I've found some great decorating tips and gluten free recipes to save money this year.

I'm making desert and gluten free hamburger buns for our family party. My Paleo Pear Clafoutis is gluten free, dairy free, grain free and sugar free. I can't wait to share it again with new friends and family.

Sunday Gluten Free Roundup, Running around like a chicken & Chilling out with Discounted Ebooks #glutenfree

Our company will be here soon and I've been running around like crazy getting ready.  My good friend Mauveen Stone from England always says to me.."Now Ali, don't be running around like a chicken with your head cut off". She's so cute and knows me so well!

I took a break from my craziness to have some of my Homemade Greek yogurt with local organic honey, gluten free granola and write this post.

Sunday Gluten Free Roundup, company coming, stress relief, weight loss #stress

My roots..Washington State tulips
This weekends roundup consists of my frantic plans to organize, clean, figure out menu's and precook meals before our company comes to visit.  They will be here for three weeks and I have a lot to do!

Looking back at last weeks Roundup I see that I got nothing, that's not true. I got lots of "other" things done! there's always so much to do when you are a blogger, recipe creator and wife to boot.  Now I'll try to catch up on few of those links and reads today if I have time.

I'm pretty nice to myself most of the time.  I don't stress out or beat myself up.  I do what I can and then the rest of the list will either go on next week or sometimes I realize it just wasn't that important anyway.

How do you deal with all the millions of chores, bills, housekeeping, social media, work, cooking, shopping, coupons and all that stuff we have to find time for?

Here's some stress reducing ideas and meal plan tips I like:

Sunday Gluten Free Roundup To do List

I'm all about lists! After a long week of blogging I have a lot of things on my To do list.

 Many of them are recipes to try, books to read, blogs to visit, restaurants, coupons to clip, deals on Amazon and tips that I need to organize.  Whew....

So here's my To do list for your benefit and mine!  :)

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