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Thanksgiving and Christmas Gluten Free Dinner Recipes!

Another year gone bye and it was a really good one!
I'm loving my new life doing volunteer cooking for the Children's Home and working with Space Girl Organics. The people are awesome and the organic fruit and veggie perks are pretty great!
My big sister moved nearby this year and my grandson's family just bought a house in the area.  I have so much to be thankful for.
This year I will be cooking a small Holiday dinners for hubby and me, helping my sister with her first holiday dinner, and cooking big Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the Children's Home! I'm sure it's going to be a wonderful week of cooking and family.
I'll be posting some new recipes in the next few days too.  A new awesome pie crust that turned out light and flaky and a new sweet potato dish.

Thanks so much for your support of my blog!  I appreciate all of you!

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Here's some new recipes that I'm making

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