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Gluten Free Toaster Waffles, DF, SF, xanthan free

My family loves waffles for breakfast or dinner.  Then the next day we pop these in the toaster for a fast gluten free breakfast or snack!

There's only two of us so I have plenty of leftovers.  I store them in the freezer or in the fridge in a large ziplock with a paper towel.
They come out of the toaster nice and crisp and have a wonderful flavor!

Really Good Low Carb Gluten Free Bread, bread machine & xanthan free option

The lower the carbs the better in my book! That way I can eat more!
I adore gluten-free bread, but I also love my jeans, so I've been working hard to make a Low Carb bread that tastes great and it even has a soft holey crumb
My new Low Carb Gluten Free Bread tastes so good and you can make it without xanthan gum!  It works great in the oven or the Bread Machine. Can't have flax seeds?  Try my new Low Carb Chia Bread instead! 

Skinny Gluten Free Low Carb Almond Meal Pie Crust

 My favorite pies, when I ate gluten, were Coconut Cream and Banana Cream.  I really miss how easy it was to make a cream pie.
Remember how we used to pull out a "gluten" pie crust from the freezer and make a pie in a matter of minutes with instant pudding?
Well, today I wanted to do that. Whip up a pie, without breaking the bank!

Gluten Free & Sugarfree Almond Flax Bread, gluten free, sugar free, yeast free, xanthan free

This awesome bread was so fast and easy! Compared to yeast bread, this recipe is a snap!  Plus it's Grain Free (except the tiniest bit in the BP) Super Low Carb,  Sugarfree, lactose-free and xanthan free! And it tastes incredible!

Spectacular Gluten Free Bread in the Bread Machine! xanthan free option

make perfect gluten free bread every time in your bread machine

This is the first gluten free loaf in 2 years that came out just like "real bread". What a thrill it is to have soft, moist, tender Gluten Free bread from my bread machine! 

It smells and tastes amazing, with a thin crisp crust and a tender holey texture.  The flavor is great, but it still had a tiny bit of yeasty tangy flavor ( I guess that happens when some yeasts react to the Gluten Free flours) so  I ordered a new yeast called SAF Instant Yeast ( check it out by clicking the link) SAF is much cheaper than what I was spending on Fleischmann's and now my bread tastes spectacular!

Gluten Free Hamburger Buns!

How to make your own gluten free Hamburger or Sandwich buns
Perfect every time Gluten Free Hamburger Buns
Life is so much better when you have Gluten Free hamburger buns and these come out great every time. They are soft inside, easy to cut, hold up to any toppings and so darn good! Even my non gluten free family and friends adore them.

I can't live without mine! Affiliate. See disclosure

Essential gear! I've had mine for 4 years and it's still going strong! I use it everyday!